Who said getting healthy can't be fun?



Group Fitness / OCT is a unique and fun way to get in shape. Whether you are looking to check a Spartan, Tough Mudder or any other obstacle race off your bucket list or looking for a group fitness class that offers some fun and exciting ways to exercise with other health-minded individuals, Obstacle / Group Fitness is for you.



Hwar Do is a combination martial arts. This approach of combining the strengths of multiple martial styles makes for a well-rounded student who is better able to defend him- or herself. Many people train for its health benefits. Because Hwar Do utilizes the whole body, it increases vitality of the whole body, maximizing strength and muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, and respiratory fitness. This unique curriculum, with its step-by-step progression, allows everyone to learn in the manner best for him or her, regardless of age, gender, or current fitness level. Hwar Do creates a strong and healthy body capable of a wide range of motion, speed, and activities. It enables one not only to defend oneself but also teaches the mind and body to stay centered, to move energy through them, to act appropriately, and to maintain health so that one my thoroughly enjoy life and live productively.

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Vinyasa (flow) Yoga includes a variety of Yoga postures creatively put together to form a flowing sequence.  Class format includes centering, warm-up, work phase, balance, stretching and culminates with relaxation.  Regular participation will help to lengthen and strengthen your body, promote body awareness and aid in developing greater union between mind, body and breath.